"We decided to take up couple counselling as we thought having pre-marriage counselling would be beneficial to our relationship. We both had a few issues we wanted to work on and improve, such as trust, conflict resolution and communication.
Our sessions with Susie helped us have insight into how our childhood experiences shape the way we relate to one another and situations we faced in our lives. These sessions also helped us think outside the box and be more open with one another when dealing with conflict or disagreements.
We are Christians and we value how Bible scriptures were used to uplift and encourage us during our sessions.
Susie offered us a safe space to talk and made us feel valued and respected. We would highly recommend Susie. Susie is warm, gentle, kind, and balanced."

Charlie and Leigh Jones * 19.04.21


“I took up therapy, admittedly convinced that it was helpful, but not equally convinced that it could help me. However contrary to what I had assumed, though it was challenging, by God’s grace I have benefitted so much from it. Working with Susie was such a blessing, to the extent that I began to look forward to our sessions, to feeling better and thinking better. Susie was willing to go at my pace, listen and take time to understand and also pray with me. And the fact that Susie’s approach was from a Biblical worldview, made all the suggestions, advice, actions and conversations of even greater comfort to me. Though there is of course more improvements to be made, I am not where I was mentally or spiritually, and for that I am more than grateful.” 

Leah Owens * 05.02.21


“Susie provided me with invaluable help and support when I was going through a very difficult period in my life. She is an empathic and respectful listener and consistently showed me kindness and support in a confidential and non-judgemental way. In addition she gave me some coping strategies and provided insightful guidance at a time when I needed it most. And above all she kept pointing me back to Jesus and the Bible. I always came away from sessions with Susie feeling reassured, supported and energised. I cannot recommend Susie highly enough.”

Robert Stevens.* 15.09.20.


*The names have been changed to protect confidentiality.